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Optional Extras



We offer PA wings that can be added to either the Small or Large Stage.  The PA Wings extend the Width of the stage giving an even more impressive look to your audience.


The Wings can be used to fly your events PA System and also to display scrim - we can provide generic non branded scrim or we can arrange for custom made scrim to be designed for your event or of course you can provide your own scrim.

Please contact us to discuss further.


1.5m Width

4.4m or 4.5m Height

(Depending on small or large stage)

350kgs Loading limit per side

barrier 1.jpg



Front of stage barrier (Sometimes known as Pit Barrier or Crowd Control Barrier) is essential for the safe delivery of events. It provides a safe way of separating the audience from a specific area, usually a stage or performance area.


We can provide front of Stage Barrier that would cover the full area in front of the stage and can provide a SnakeGate (this is barrier that allows cables to go under). We only use modern Front of Stage Barriers made by PROLYTE- one of the World’s leading Front of Stage barrier supplier




For some events you may require to have a Front of House Mixing Position for your Sound and Lighting supplier to use.


We can provide a Front of House Mixing Position in 2 sizes. This consists of a LiteDeck Floor and covered roof and 3 sides.


Option 1: 3m x 3m

Option 2: 6m x 3m



If you are having a Front of House Mixing position it is highly recommended to use Cable Ramp that will run from your Stage to Front of House Mixing position. This will ensure that all cables are protected and that the audience do not trip over any cables- again ensuring a safe experience for your audience.

We can provide 5 Channel Cable Ramp in 1 metre sections.



We can provide great quality Sound and Lighting for events. Working alongside our friends at SW Audio we can meet all your sound and lighting requirements for your event providing a high quality experience for your audience.

We can provide you with a fully inclusive package that is suitable for any audience size from 100 to 10,000 and meets the needs of both your performers and you as the event organiser.

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements further.

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