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Looking for a high quality stage to become the focal point of your event or festival?

Stage Hire Events provide great value Mobile Stage hire for events of all sizes across the UK.  

Mobile Stage Hire is usually the best solution for small and medium sized events as its both cost effective, quick to install and doesn’t require a construction licence.

We offer high quality mobile stage hire that can be installed at your event with little fuss by our highly experienced event operations crew. We can turn up to any event- from a small community event or gala day to a large festival in a field and have your stage set up within a few hours with no specialist equipment needed.

All our mobile stages are less that 2 years old

This ensures that you have a modern and well presented stage ready to be at the front of your event


We are part of an experienced events team with over 20 years experience and can provide stage hire:

24 hours a day

7 days per week

365 days of year


Contact us 

Fill out the form, and let us know your requirements

Areas we cover:

We provide stage hire across the UK. We are based in South of Scotland so can easily cover any event in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Stage Hire Events

Tel: 01387 460493



Stage Hire Events is proudly part of Yellow Lab Events

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