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Outdoor LED Screen

We have an outdoor LED Screen available to hire. The 17 square metre screen

trailer is perfect if you are looking for a simple, lightweight and eye catching mobile platform for your event. Easy to operate and install, it features crystal clear led display, meaning it can be used in all lighting conditions, and requires minimal space to unfold.


Our screen is the ideal choice for advertising, movie screenings, sporting events, or for any

outdoor event



16.38 sqm (5120mm x 3200mm)

8mm Pitch.

16:10 RATIO

Screen Resolution: 640 x 400

DiColor K8 Series

Controller/switcher/Scaler - Novastar VX4S

Inputs are HDMI, DVI, BNC and VGA.


Trailer size:

2.1m wide

5.56m long +1.63m towbar (total 7.19m)

Trailer Weight



Wind rating:

20 m/s (72km/hr)

IP Rating:

IP 65 (Fully waterproof)

Power Requirements:

32A 3 -Phase

Extras that can be provided:



LED Screen
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